Kolin Bonnett:

My name is Kolin Bonnett, I started building new homes in 2021 with my business partner Garet Starkey. Prior to new builds I had numerous rental properties, remodels, and flipped homes. Our first home was my own which my wife and I designed.

Chelse Bonnett, my wife. Has been in the beauty industry for over fourteen years. She is a dedicated mother to our daughter Quinlan and is continuously pursuing more. Chelse will soon play a role in the building process as we continue to grow, by assisting customers in their design phase.

My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends on the lake, golfing, fishing and hunting.

Building 10 Point Homes has been a joy to my life, and I strive to put a smile on every customer's face. We as a company are here to be there for our customers and make sure their dreams come to life.

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Garet Starkey:

My name is Garet Starkey. I was raised in Abilene, TX where I attended Abilene High and graduated from Abilene Christian University. I've worked in several industries over the years from John Deere to construction equipment.

In 2016 I married my beautiful wife Mandy Starkey. In our spare time, we enjoy traveling, hanging out, and making memories with our family, fur babies, and friends.

It has been my greatest passion to work alongside my friend and business partner Kolin Bonnett. We have been building homes together since 2021. We strive to connect with each one of our customers and are devoted to getting things done right!